Download Film Koala Kumal (2016) Full Movie

Film Koala Kumal (2016) Full Movie

Dika (Raditya Dika) is a guy who just got married canceled because his girlfriend, Andrea (Acha Septriasa) cheating on him with a guy named James (Nino Fernandez). Broken heart made Dika trouble writing the final chapter of his book. One day, a girl named Dika met with Trisna (Sheryl Sheinafia), a girl who made a unique viewpoint on the world to be different Dika.
Dika went along Trisna, they become increasingly familiar. Trisna who had intended to help Dika finish the last chapter of his book, find the reasons why Dika trouble writing the final chapter: because she was heartbroken to Andrea. Trisna was trying to make Dika stop heartbreak.
Trisna told Dika some revenge to Andrea. Will Dika follow the advice Trisna? Why Trisna really intend for Dika separated from the heartbreak that happened?

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