Download Film Berangkat (2017) HD Full Movie

Jano (Tarra Budiman) is a Chemical Engineering student who spends his spare time as a "part-timer" worker in Aksara music store. Since Jano's childhood has often faced obstacles in socializing, which is why until the age of 22 years old Jano is still often in the "bully", but Jano always has Joana (Ayushita Nugraha) and Dika (Ringgo Agus Rahman) who always accompany Jano Jano feel small.
Jano fell in love with one of her music store customers named Kayla (Annisa Pagih). One day Kayla came to Aksara and asked Jano for help to put up her music concert posters in Bali and instead gave Kayla three tickets for the music concert to Jano.


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