Download Film Beauty and The Best (2016) Full Movie

Indonesia romantic drama entitled "Beauty and The Best" is a film adapted from the novel of the same title is also the work of Luna Torashyngu. Tell the story of a high school girl named Susana Irawani (Andania Suri) who has beauty, popularity at school and worked as a model, but there are weaknesses in Ira that each exam in school eksata Ira never get a value above 4.
Because of this, Ira underestimated by Kelly (Chelsea Shania) which is the most clever students at the school by saying that beauty is not in harmony with the brain-owned owned. Ira had heard of it, directly challenged Kelly to bet that he could prove what was said by Kelly is wrong and will prove that the girl has a beauty that does not mean having a poor IQ. Ira wants to prove that he can compete with Kelly and others and going to college with SNCA path.

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