Download Film The Windmill Massacre (2016) Subtitle Indonesia

Film The Windmill Massacre (2016) Subtitle Indonesia

This movie tells the story of an Australian girl named Jennifer. Due to a mistake he had made, Jennifer now had to deal with the security service. However, Jennifer prefers to run away and run from the law who now entrap. And as a place of refuge Jennifer is Dutch. However, due to unplanned, Jennifer finally hit by the confusion to be able to continue escapees.
Until finally Jennifer desperate to join into a team of tour guides. Where to pretend as a new guide, Jennifer follows the tour to remove his footsteps. But unlucky, Jennifer's decision to participate in the tour actually took him into disaster. Where redemption with their lives will become Jennifer encounter in the tour.
DIRECTOR : Nick Jongerius
RELEASE DATE : September 24, 2016
RUNNING TIME : 85 minutes
GENRE : Horror, Suspense, Drama

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