Download Film Coffee Mates (2016) HDRip Subtitle Indonesia

Download Film Coffee Mates (2016) With Subtitle HDRip

Ordinary housewife In-yeong meets carpenter Hee-soo by chance in a café and for fun they decide to become coffee mates: friends who only meet in cafés and nowhere else. Although they don’t make calls or send texts, they can talk to each other about anything while sitting in a café. They share everything, from their daily routines to their deepest secrets, which have never been shared with anyone before. The coffee mates thing started out as a kind of joke but in the end, it shatters the two people’s entire lives, leaving them to face an awful truth they had never been aware of.

Title/ IMDB:
Genre: Drama
Cast: Yoon Jin-seo, Oh Ji-ho, Kim Min-seo
Source: 1080p.HDRip-STY
Res: 480p, 2ch
Language: Korean


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