The Charnel House (2016) HDRip Subtitle Indonesia

Film The Charnel House (2016) HDRip Subtitle Indonesia

The film will tell about a very talented architect is Alex Reaves (Callum Blue). During this time, he was known by many people because of their capacity in designing the house was very nice and satisfying. Until one day, because of the expertise, Alex get a challenge. Namely rebuild a house used for slaughterhouses, which have long been virtually ignored. Because Alex confident in his abilities, without the slightest hesitation he accepted the challenge, and then he began a massive renovation of the house. As one might expect, Alex manages to make a new home with high class technologies facilitated. The success that has been made of the effect on the people who arrive in droves to rent the house, without exception by his own family. Keindahaan But behind the house, there is a secret that mengerian are ready to terrorize the inhabitants. The horror of what would terrorize the visitors who went into the house?

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