Film The Monkey King 2 (2016) Full Movie Subtitle Indonesia

Film The Monkey King 2 (2016) Full Movie

Title : Xi You Ji zhi Sun Wu Kong San Da Bai Gu Jing (2016)
Director: Pou-Soi Cheang
Writers: Wen Ning, Ping Ran
Stars: Aaron Kwok, Li Gong, Shaofeng Feng, Kelly Chen
Genres: Action | Adventure | Fantasy
Country: China | Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin
Release Date: 6 February 2016 (Indonesia)

The Monkey King Movie 2 (2016) tells the story of Sun Wukong (Aaron Kwok) who traveled to the east with a holy monk seeking scripture. He also assisted two of her friends, a good stealth.
The journey they get a lot of trials and challenges. A liver Sun Wukong killed a man who is the incarnation of a demon skull scary.
The monk who does not know much then expel Sun Wukong for allegedly killing innocents. However catastrophic for the monk, he is kidnapped by a demon skull when Sun Wukong go.
Sun Wukong now have to fight to release the holy monks of stealth skull cruel confinement. Could he do it?

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