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The film begins with Red (voice of Jason Sudeikis) going through the woods quickly with an egg. Red keeps running into trees and a few different creatures before making it to the home of a fowl family. He puts on a comedian get-up and begins singing to little Timmy for his seal day, yet Timmy is frightened of jokesters. Timmy's father (voice of Hannibal Buress) berates Red for appearing late to the gathering, and also to damage the cake (which he conveyed in the egg). The father declines to pay for the cake, making Red snap and push the cake in his face. As he tries leaving, Red unintentionally splits the family's new egg, making his face the principal thing the hatchling sees.

Red lives on Bird Island in a house by the shoreline, far from whatever remains of alternate flightless flying creatures. As a child, he was taunted for his immense eyebrows, and right up 'til today, despite everything he has no companions. He is put on trial by Timmy's family for his indignation. Judge Peckinpah (voice of Keegan-Michael Key) gets Red out for his displeasure issues, to which Red reacts by pulling off his robe and indicating he is a little winged creature remaining on top of another feathered creature named Cyrus (voice of Tony Hale). Peckinpah then sentences Red to outrage administration classes.

The three winged creatures climb a mountain to achieve Mighty Eagle, leaving Red to listen to Chuck and Bomb making commotions that they think would be Mighty Eagle's rallying call. They then acknowledge they climbed the wrong mountain, driving them to take another long trip up the genuine mountain. They discover the Lake of Wisdom, so Chuck and Bomb begin swimming and drinking from it. Relentless Eagle then shows up and begins peeing in the lake (to their repulsiveness and revulsion). Dissimilar to the chivalrous and solid picture they had of him, Mighty Eagle is more seasoned and fat. Still, Red is eager to meet his long-lasting icon. Be that as it may, rather than helping the flying creatures, Mighty Eagle just enjoys his prized belonging and his own particular signature tune.

Red finds Mighty Eagle looking through his binoculars to keep an eye on an old woman flying creature. At the point when Red looks through it, he spots the pigs setting TNT and explosive around the town. Red, Chuck, and Bomb surge back to the town and go over the pigs taking the eggs while alternate winged creatures are going to a gathering the pigs tossed for them. Toss hurries into the gathering to caution everybody while Red and Bomb raced to the boat. They take hold of the net holding every one of the eggs. Bomb scales the chain to attempt and explode it, yet Leonard and his henchpigs shower him with a hose, thumping him and Red into the water.

The winged creatures construct their pontoon and connect the mammoth slingshot to it. They touch base at Piggy Island outside the pigs' city. Leonard, who likewise happens to be their King Mudbeard, presents the eggs to alternate pigs as they plan to devour them. The feathered creatures then set up the slingshot to dispatch themselves into the city. Matilda goes in the first place, and she shoots hazardous eggs out of her butt. Hal the boomerang feathered creature (voice of Anthony Padilla) goes next, however he winds up flying back toward the fowls. Bubbles (voice of Ian Hecox) takes after, and he swells to an enormous size against the pigs. Stella takes after, however she can't achieve the stronghold. Red gets dispatched toward the château as he skips off a rock. Throw and Bomb go not long after him. Terence tries to dispatch himself, yet he winds up breaking the slingshot.

Red, Chuck, and Bomb penetrate the stronghold and discover the room where the eggs are being put away. Utilizing his super-speed, Chuck causes the gatekeeper pigs to turn on each other, abandoning them allowed to keep running in and get the eggs. Lamentably, they are being brought into the feasting lobby where they are prepared to get bubbled. Red is clutching the highest point of the net and after that handles the pig bringing down them into the pot so he can pull them up. Strong Eagle then swoops down to participate in the battle. Red helps him get the net of eggs away and out of the manor. As the winged animals attempt to get away, Leonard clutches Red. The force causes one blue egg to slip out of the net. Red stays behind to spare it. Relentless Eagle takes off with the eggs, however the pigs are made a beeline for them on their planes. Bomb drops down and makes a colossal blast to prevent them from taking off the incline.

Amid the end credits, the feathered creatures are moving. The pigs, who some way or another survived the blast, are likewise moving. Leonard then says he is bring forth up another plan. At long last, the Blues sneak off to the slingshot and dispatch themselves together over the sea before isolating simply like in the recreations.


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